Untangling the Wires
Posted: 12.03 - By Eric M. Zeman

Wi-Fi, a rare bright spot in an otherwise gloomy tech landscape, is one of the fastest technologies to achieve global recognition. Access points, called hotspots, are being increasingly found in hotels, airline VIP lounges, city parks, college campuses and restaurants. Even McDonalds and Starbucks now provide the service to anyone who walks in the door.

Such fast growth has created a glaring need to demystify the hype and enable mobile professionals and wireless consumers to leverage a Web without wires. Heeding the call to provide information for users and businesses alike, Jiwire was created to be the trusted source with the most comprehensive wireless and

Wi-Fi information including the largest international hotspot directory (more than 16,000 hotspots), authoritative how-to guides, product reviews and industry news.

Created by CNET, Jiwire is building their business around the Web’s intrinsic strengths to become the nexus of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM and other wireless technologies for consumers, manufacturers and service providers. Jiwire will also power a majority of the hotspot directories on the Web through straight content licensing and distribution. In fact, by layering a variety of services like these on top of its content, Jiwire intends to become an extremely efficient marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers worldwide and influencing billions of dollars in transactions.


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