September 14, 2005



Mobile Knowledge: A Quantum Physicist’s Perspective
Posted: 09.07.05
Last week, I once more found myself sharing with you a personal experience and a vision of tomorrow’s connected world. While I took on a journey through a connected world, where technology is exploited to serve the betterment of life, we also spoke of the painfully obvious alternatives where technology is used to exploit our lives. At the end, as usual, I asked you to please engage with me by sending me your thoughts and feedback. In today’s posting, I am delighted to share with you exactly that. The feedback of a spiritually enlightened human, and a dear friend who happens to be one of the world’s most distinguished quantum physicists, Jook Walraven, PhD. Jook is a professor of physics at the University of Amsterdam and is engaged in active research on the quantum-mechanical behavior of ultra-cold atomic gas clouds like those used in the atomic fountain clocks of modern telecommunication. Boy, do I keep smart company.

Applied Wisdom and Cyber Cultures in a People Driven World
Posted: 08.15.05
In my last column I shared with you a personal experience and a vision of a future, a not so distant future that brings with it a connected world; one that weaves your physical, digital and spiritual states of being around you. Imagine a world where technology is a transparent enabler that seamlessly facilitates conveniences and quality-of-life services for people as individuals, communities and cultures. A harmonious and rich world with preference, presence and content orchestrated in the wisdom of context and coordinates. With you at the center of your universe, in your home, your car and anywhere that you may be, your assets, resources and support systems are within reach of your senses whenever you want them, in a form that you can use: simple, applicable, relevant and fun.
PacketHop Develops a Wireless Mesh Network
Posted: 08.30.05
PacketHop, a California-based wireless start-up, has developed software it calls TrueMesh that uses existing wireless LAN adapter cards to create a peer-to-peer mesh network that eliminates the need for access points. Users of TrueMesh-equipped laptops or tablets running Windows XP can create an instant wireless network that routes data among computers. Every device in the mesh acts as its own wireless LAN access point.
Reading the Fine Prints
Posted: 08.25.05
On the coattails of the U.S.A. Patriot Act, the Enhanced Border Security Act, the Visa Entry Reform Act, the Real ID Act and many other laws and regulations aimed at ferreting out spooks, spies, terrorists, identity thieves and even average citizens who drive cars or use library search tools to cruise the Internet, the United States has entered the era of biometric authentication.
MVNO a No No?
Posted: 08.17.05
Rather than go for a meaty phone and service plan from one of the major U.S. network operators, you bought your teenager’s phone and plan from a smaller company called Virgin Mobile. Not only was your motivation based on cost, but also on image. Oh, wait; most parents don’t care all that much about their teen’s image. But I digress.
London Calling ...Or Not
Posted: 08.17.05
You have just learned that, as part of your restructured role in the company, you’ll be doing some international traveling a few times a year. Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo, here you come! All you need to do is update your passport and figure out how you’ll keep in touch with your colleagues back at the ranch during your stay overseas. No sweat, right? Well, not as far as the passport is concerned.

Questing for Access
Posted: 09.01.05
You’re slick. You’re stylish. You’re the uber road warrior for your enterprise, closing deals at breakfast, on the golf course, at lunch, back on the golf course and at dinner. Of course, with all that deal closing comes a lot of travel, making finding connections to the Internet and your e-mail a chore.

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